Top 5 Best Cooking Courses on Udemy

“No one is born a great cook, one learns by doing.” — Julia Child
[1] “No one is born a great cook, one learns by doing.” — Julia Child

Cooking is a great skill that can significantly impact your general & mental health and your social life. According to studies, baking and cooking help relieve stress and express your creativity. But you have to admit, cooking isn’t that easy (unless your granny is a cooking wiz). That’s why you need an experienced and expert cooking instructor to guide you learn cooking. It looks like Udemy has the solution to your problem. They offer some great cooking courses to teach you how to cook like a master. And all you need is just access to a kitchen and access to the internet. Now let’s look at the best cooking courses on Udemy that you can purchase to learn how to cook without leaving the comfort of your home.

Best Cooking Courses on Udemy

Indian Culinary World – Master the art of Indian Cooking

Created by: Jyoti Sawant
Last updated: Jan 2020
Course Language: English

Ratings (1,452):

Who doesn’t love Indian food? They are very flavorful and spicy. In this exciting Indian Culinary course, Instructor Jyoti Sawant will teach you how to make delicious Indian foods in your own kitchen and at your own pace.

Jyoti Sawant is a cookbook author, cooking instructor, and above all, a passionate culinary explorer. She will guide you through the process of learning the art of Indian cooking step by step. You’ll discover the best spices and herbs for flavoring Indian food, as well as cooking techniques like tempering that reveal how and when to apply these ingredients.

Course Link: Indian Culinary World – Master the art of Indian Cooking

Thai Cooking Master Class

Created by: cooktour .com
Last updated: Nov 2018
Course Language: English

Ratings (521):

Who doesn’t enjoy Thai food? The combination of East Asian and South Asian culinary traditions makes Thai food very tasty and flavorful. Thai food uses various unique fresh herbs and seasonings. That’s what makes it authentic and delicious. In this one of the best cooking courses on Udemy, you will learn how simple it is to prepare tasty and genuine Thai food at home.

This engaging culinary course breaks down classic Thai foods so that you can make them yourself and teach you the fundamentals of Thai cuisine with the chef’s insider tips. This culinary course is offered by Cooktour, which is a Seattle-based startup that teaches people how to cook like professionals and learn about other cultures across the world through the taste of foods.

Course Link: Thai Cooking Master Class

Essential Cooking Skills

Created by: Viorel Copolovici
Last updated: Nov 2017
Course Language: English

Ratings (3,166):

When you start cooking, you may encounter an overwhelming amount of information, recipes, and recommendations. Thus, it’s easy to get lost in an ocean of recipes, stress about WHAT to prepare, and overlook one of the most critical components of cooking an excellent meal – the HOW.

In this course, Chef Viorel Copolovici explains the most essential 17 culinary methods that any cook should know in his kitchen. As a result, you’ll learn fundamental culinary skills that can be applied to an endless number of foods. Learn some fundamental skills such as slicing and blanching vegetables, slaughtering a whole chicken, creating basic stocks, preparing mother sauces, appropriately cooking eggs, rice, pasta, and so on. You will grasp the WHAT of cooking after you have mastered the HOW.

Course Link: Essential Cooking Skills

Healthy Cooking Fundamentals

Created by: Chef Nic DeMuth
Last updated: Jun 2016
Course Language: English

Ratings (2,098):

Would you like to cook more nutritious and delicious meals at home more confidently, quickly, and efficiently? If so, this would be a fantastic chance for you to advance your cooking skills through this one of the best cooking courses on Udemy. This culinary course will be taught to you by chef Nic DeMuth. His cooking abilities will undoubtedly help you to become a better cook.

As Nic suggests, most home chefs are missing out on three crucial abilities that will boost your happiness, confidence, and culinary capabilities. And they include preparing the dishes and ingredients before the start of the service, laying the foundation flavor base for your meal using salt and oil, and making it layer by layer. Along with some of his favorite culinary advice, chef Nic DeMuth will cover all of these crucial abilities and many more cooking techniques in this course.

Course Link: Healthy Cooking Fundamentals

Herbalism :: Kitchen Herbs & Spices as Medicine

Created by: Elizabeth Heck
Last updated: Nov 2021
Course Language: English

Ratings (1,059):

Are there any herbs like basil, oregano, cinnamon, thyme, or oregano in your kitchen? While most of us believe that these spices and herbs are included in dishes for flavor, many have really been used in our meals because of their medicinal and health-promoting benefits. These beneficial and well-known healthy ingredients can significantly improve our health.

And this is where course instructor Elizabeth Heck, the founder, and director of the Home Herb School, will guide you on this journey. She will explain how to use these ingredients effectively and how they may enhance your health. Therefore, enroll in this cooking course to learn how to flavor and prepare nutritious foods for you and your family using spices and herbs.

Course Link: Herbalism :: Kitchen Herbs & Spices as Medicine


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